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Getting to Know Material Design & AngularJS md

Oshri Kdoshim

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Getting to Know Material Design

This course will introduce you to Material Design Concept,You’ll learn the definition of material, its properties, and the basic principles of the language

Throughout this ng-material-course you're going to build an Angular Material Design application to learn about Core Services, the different directives implementations and much more. Here's what the Angular Material Design Master Class experience offers.

Why take this training?

Want to get up and running with the Angular Material Design framework, but don't have the time to read through all the documentation and tutorials in the internet? Then this ng-material-course is for you. In this course we cover everything you need to know to build apps for tomorrow.


The Angular Material project is an implementation of Material Design in AngularJs. This project provides a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components based on the Material Design system.

Box Model

  • Introduction, what is box model
  • Full Width
  • Boxes and Columns
  • Position and floats
  • Inline Elements
  • Box sizing

Flex Box

  • Introduction
  • Containers
  • Column Widths
  • Direction
  • Order
  • Content Spacing
  • Wrapping Content

About Material Design

  • The “Material” Metaphor and Properties
  • The Spec Sheet


  • Introduction


  • Container Elements
  • Layout System
  • Child Alignment


  • $mdDialog
  • $mdSidenav
  • $mdToast
  • And more...


  • md-button
  • md-card
  • md-checkbox
  • md-content
  • And more...