Magic xpa Angular Development

Eyal Vardi

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Today JavaScript is the language of the web. On the client, on the server, on the mobile, everywhere. But let's face it: JavaScript still has challenges.

Magic xpa with Angular brings an entirely new approach to web application development.

This course provides a developer-level introduction along with more advanced and useful features of Magic xpa with Angular.

Prerequisite :

  • Moderate knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Basic TypeScript

Magic xpa Angular Development

  • Vision, Goals and Roadmap
  • The architecture building blocks
  • Prerequisites
  • Hello world with Magic xpa

Magic CLI Basic

  • Angular Schematics Overview
  • Magic metadata
  • Magic CLI commands

Angular Template Syntax

  • Angular Template Syntax
  • Magic xpa Directives
  • Magic xpa Angular Components

Magic xpa Web Forms

  • Forms overview
  • Form Validations & Errors
  • Angular Material Form Components

Magic xpa Routing & Navigation

  • Navigation flow
  • Routes Tree
  • RouterLink Directive
  • RouterOutlet Directive

Magic xpa Web Security

  • Security overview
  • Authentication zones
  • Security components

Angular Dependency Injection (DI)

  • Why Dependency Injection?
  • Angular Dependency Injection
  • Configuring the Injector
  • The Injector Tree
  • Component Injectors

Angular Libraries & NgModules

  • Template Context
  • Providers
  • Core modules
  • Share modules
  • Feature modules

Magic xpa Services in Angular

  • @magic-xpa/angular library architecture
  • @magic-xpa/angular Components & Directives
  • @magic-xpa/angular Services

Magic xpa Infrastructure Customization

  • How to wirte custom Magic adapter for inputs components?
  • How to wirte custom Magic CLI templates?